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Retro Sound System 2, The Reckonining!

 Edited this blog to make it current!

In keeping with the theme of summing up last year to get this year rolling right, I'm happy to announce my next music release! Retro Sound System of the Future 2! While it is the second EP using that name (get the first here), it's more a spiritual sequel than a straight sequel. While RSS1 was more just dreamy pop synthwave, this one is darker & more cinematic.

 Last year, my wife & I binged Stranger things in a weekend, & that coupled with Mr. Robot... as well as me jumping back into all the classic cyberpunk/ sci-fi stuff I love, as well as just listening to tons of 80s inspired synthwave music, well, it inspired me to make some of my own.

 There's a lot of John Carpenter, & Vangelis throughout this album. I imagined a future noir dystopia, because why not, & went from there. While there were a lot of track that ended up on the cutting room floor, I feel these 4 have a good narrative. The prologue, the future club song, the hero's theme, & the night drive into the dawn of a new day. Hopefully, it takes you on that journey, & you dig it!

  I released the Album on January 31, 2017... a full 16 days before I originally intended to. I make my own rules so I can break them, I'm a rebel like that.  You can stream it on Spotify, or over at youtube, or buy it at any of the links below if you want to support me.  For a limited time, I'm making it pay what you want over at Bandcamp. So, get that deal too!

Retro Sound System of the Future, 2
648182 Records DK

Google Play & other online music stores!

P.S. If you were a little curious as to what exactly inspired this album well, here's some good stuff! Listing everything would be a massive entry!


  • "Stranger Things"
  • "Mr. Robot"
  • "Escape from New York"
  • "The Matrix Series"
  • "Blade Runner"
  • "The Terminator"
  • "Deus Ex: Human Revolution"
  • "Mass Effect Trilogy"
  • "Black Mirror"


  • "The Sprawl Trilogy" by William Gibson
  • The Fifth Column Series" by Nathan M. Farrugia
  • "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline
  • "Metrophage" by Richard Kadrey
  • "Wool" by Hugh Howey
  • "The Windup Girl" by Paolo Bacigalupi 


  • "I Am the Night" by Perturbator
  • "Attack of Lord Retro" by Justin Lassen
  • Trilogy" by Carpenter Brut
  • "The Shape" by Dance With the Dead
  • Everything on New Retro Wave over on Youtube

A look back at 2016: ShapeSong VR

So, been a while since the last update, no excuse really, just couldn't figure out what to write. Thought I'd start this year out by talking about the last year. I guess I'll start with the bigger thing that I was involved in last year, ShapeSong VR.

 Last year I was asked by my good friend & mentor, Justin Lassen, to help him do some audio editing for a VR Music experience for the Austin Game Conference. I think it was late august, maybe early September when I came on, & we had to finish at least 10 patches for the instruments by September 21. It was a tight fit, & many late night hours getting them just right, but we got them in before the deadline. The final count was 11 I think, I ended up doing 3 patches, Justin did 8, & I did all the cutting & labeling on them. I hear one of my presets was one of the favorites; it was based around the bells I made for "Vicious Circle", off my 2014 album, DOMF (Which you can get, here)

 I believe the project won Best in Show at the AGC2016, as well as Most Innovative use of AR/VR at Orlando IX! It was awesome to get to be a part of it, & I sure you'll hear more about it in the future! Here's the teaser trailer for it!

 Big thanks to Chronosapien & Justin Lassen! Give them a visit & find out more about the upcoming stuffs!

Ass kickery, Hardcore Style! or the legend of BadAss Boss Themes

 So, in the wake of BadAss Volume 3 being released, I thought I’d record the legend of the BadAss Boss Themes brand. It’ll probably in 2 or 3 parts. We’ll see.

 A few years ago... Like maybe 2009-ish maybe... we'll say 2009. Well, actually I'll have to go back even further than that, queue wave-filter-denoting-time-rewind. So, in the early days of the aughts, or whatever they call them now, I found music, well, I found that I liked creating music. Loud, abrasive, crappy music with great ideas but poor execution. Around this time I also found a site called Overclocked remix, which was a site that housed remixes, or rearrangements, of classic video game songs. I won’t divulge how I came upon this site (coughbearsharecough), which then led me to VGmix.com. Now VGMix was similar to Overclocked in that they both specialized on vg music, but vgmix had a more open type of design that let anybody post their songs, & allowed for open feedback from anyone that heard it. It’s here that I really started to see what I could do with this music thing &, well, that’s a story for another day.  I’m gonna jump ahead a few years in the next paragraph; just wanted to ramble on with a little intro into what got me into the vg remix scene & set the stage for it.

 Imagine, if you will, it’s 2009, & OCReMix has grown into a really great site, & by that time I had been a part of a few remix albums. We both aged gracefully if I do say so myself. One of my favorite albums that I was in up to that point was Dark Side of Phobos, a DooM 1 album, & I felt that type of sound & music was sorely missing from the site. I wanted dark, heavy hitting music. So, along came a Crescendo to Chaos. It promised exactly what I wanted. An album consisting of nothing but Boss Themes, done in styles that would capture the feeling & attitude of what it means to be a boss. I joined right away, picked the Gruntilda fight from Banjo Kazooie, which you can listen to in demo form here. I was really pumped about that project, but it ended up falling apart.

 Around the time that was falling apart, I’d just wrapped up my tracks from the Tales album, Summoning of Spirits. I remember talking with some of my buddies on that forum about how awesome that boss project was. With some encouragement, I decided I wasn’t going to let it go quietly into that cold, cold night. No sir! Or madame… I’m getting off point here. So, I restarted the project with a another guy from the now defunct Crescendo team, Pieter Van Os.

When we relaunched the project, I decided to take it in a slightly different direction. The previous incarnation was aiming at a middle ground in terms of feeling & style, but I thought it should be darker & more … badass, if you will. We changed the parameters to a more ominous, more hardcore feel, ass-kickery style, if you’re dirty. We struggled with the name for a bit, until we finally settled on just calling it like we saw it, BadAss Volume 1, as I've always intedned it to be a series. We proceeded to recruit our team & set to work on it. The album was released on December 6, 2011, & it was great! I’m really proud of that first album, it was great way to launch the BadAss brand on OCReMix. The album ended up having tracks that didn’t necessarily scream badass, but we figured for a first outing, there should be islands where someone listening could chill for a bit & not get overwhelmed. The next album though, well, I had no intention of having those islands.  

Continued in Part 2: The one with the bloody cow spots.


Changes, man.

 There's something to be said about  taking on new challenges. Mostly that they're hard & scary, but worth it in the end, hopefully. Of course I'm talking about it both musically & in life. After releasing my first full length album, Die on my Feet, I started working on a second album, as well as another project that I'll be able to talk more about soon, both of which are providing me with that challenge I spoke about earlier. I'm writing in an entirely new way, pushing myself & using utilizing new things like live vocals & expanding the sounds I use. Also, leaving a job I've that has been a drain on me for the last 8 years. One of those jobs you always want to leave, but you stay  because it's familiar & in a strange way, comforting.

  Also, I'm about to dive headfirst into making this music thing a career, so there's that. It's slightly terrifying if I'm being honest, & I'd be lying if I said it didn't keep me up some nights. Anything new will do that to you, or so I hear, I'll just have to the better traveled peoples word for it. It's all scary, wondering what people will think of your sound once you put it out there, wondering if you're about to make the biggest mistake of your life, but that's just nerves right? Eh, what am I saying, it'll be great & a start to a beautiful stretch! Hopefully.

 With these new ventures, with old friends & mentors, at the very least it'll be interesting. Opening yourself up isn't something I'm good at really, but I hope that the new music will at least be honest, & maybe hopefully inspire a few people along the way. That's all you can hope for, & that seems like a good target to try & hit. 

 Until next time,


The Inaugural Post

Hi! My name is David L. Puga. I know, I know, introducing myself by name on a website that is my name... that also has my name plastered on the top banner is kinda redundant, but that's my middle name. Actually it's Lee. It's what the L stands for. 

 Anyway, welcome to me website; a website that's been lacking in any real content for a while. Thanks for taking the time to read this too. Hopefully I'll have more things to post about, until then feel free to check me out on various social media. Start off with my youtube, just uploaded a rearrangement of one of my favorite movie themes, the 28 days later song. Also, I got a facebook, a twitter, a youtubes, & a tumblr! Anyway, here's a link to that 28 days later track!