david l puga music

Producer, Remixer, Graphic Designer

The Inaugural Post

Hi! My name is David L. Puga. I know, I know, introducing myself by name on a website that is my name... that also has my name plastered on the top banner is kinda redundant, but that's my middle name. Actually it's Lee. It's what the L stands for. 

 Anyway, welcome to me website; a website that's been lacking in any real content for a while. Thanks for taking the time to read this too. Hopefully I'll have more things to post about, until then feel free to check me out on various social media. Start off with my youtube, just uploaded a rearrangement of one of my favorite movie themes, the 28 days later song. Also, I got a facebook, a twitter, a youtubes, & a tumblr! Anyway, here's a link to that 28 days later track!