david l puga music

Producer, Remixer, Graphic Designer

Changes, man.

 There's something to be said about  taking on new challenges. Mostly that they're hard & scary, but worth it in the end, hopefully. Of course I'm talking about it both musically & in life. After releasing my first full length album, Die on my Feet, I started working on a second album, as well as another project that I'll be able to talk more about soon, both of which are providing me with that challenge I spoke about earlier. I'm writing in an entirely new way, pushing myself & using utilizing new things like live vocals & expanding the sounds I use. Also, leaving a job I've that has been a drain on me for the last 8 years. One of those jobs you always want to leave, but you stay  because it's familiar & in a strange way, comforting.

  Also, I'm about to dive headfirst into making this music thing a career, so there's that. It's slightly terrifying if I'm being honest, & I'd be lying if I said it didn't keep me up some nights. Anything new will do that to you, or so I hear, I'll just have to the better traveled peoples word for it. It's all scary, wondering what people will think of your sound once you put it out there, wondering if you're about to make the biggest mistake of your life, but that's just nerves right? Eh, what am I saying, it'll be great & a start to a beautiful stretch! Hopefully.

 With these new ventures, with old friends & mentors, at the very least it'll be interesting. Opening yourself up isn't something I'm good at really, but I hope that the new music will at least be honest, & maybe hopefully inspire a few people along the way. That's all you can hope for, & that seems like a good target to try & hit. 

 Until next time,