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A look back at 2016: ShapeSong VR

So, been a while since the last update, no excuse really, just couldn't figure out what to write. Thought I'd start this year out by talking about the last year. I guess I'll start with the bigger thing that I was involved in last year, ShapeSong VR.

 Last year I was asked by my good friend & mentor, Justin Lassen, to help him do some audio editing for a VR Music experience for the Austin Game Conference. I think it was late august, maybe early September when I came on, & we had to finish at least 10 patches for the instruments by September 21. It was a tight fit, & many late night hours getting them just right, but we got them in before the deadline. The final count was 11 I think, I ended up doing 3 patches, Justin did 8, & I did all the cutting & labeling on them. I hear one of my presets was one of the favorites; it was based around the bells I made for "Vicious Circle", off my 2014 album, DOMF (Which you can get, here)

 I believe the project won Best in Show at the AGC2016, as well as Most Innovative use of AR/VR at Orlando IX! It was awesome to get to be a part of it, & I sure you'll hear more about it in the future! Here's the teaser trailer for it!

 Big thanks to Chronosapien & Justin Lassen! Give them a visit & find out more about the upcoming stuffs!